Our Events

    Handgun Fundamentals + Intermediate Pistol I

    2022-11-19 09:00:00

    Topics Covered:

    • Guns safety
    • Introduction to Handguns
    • Introduction to Ballistics
    • Shooting Fundamentals
    • Pistol: Types of Actions
    • Pistol Fundamentals: Structure, Grip, Sight Alignment, Trigger Control
    • Introduction to: Drawing from the Holster, Reloads and Malfunctions

    Location: Whitesboro, TX
    Instructor: Tony Eduardo Hoerhann

    Approximate round count: minimum 200 rounds

    Intermediate Pistol II

    2022-11-06 10:00:00

    Intermediate Pistol II is a course that focuses on taking the basic techniques into a new realm, by introducing movement as well as more intermediary technical skills.

    Prerequisites: Completion of Intermediate Pistol I

    Topics Covered:

    • Pistol Fundamentals (Advanced): Draw, Reloads (all types) and Malfunctions;
    • Muzzle Discipline;
    • Turning to Shoot;
    • Support (weak) Hand Shooting.


    $350: all inclusive (guns, ammunition, equipment, range fees, food and beverages)

    $280: student brings gun, equipment and ammunition (all the rest is included)

    Gun Experience + Precision Rifle Clinic

    2022-10-12 08:00:00
    • 100 rounds FULL AUTO experience, including: M240B, AK47, MP5SD, THOMPSON M 1921, HK UMP;
    • 100 rounds SPECIAL HANDGUNS experience;
    • 42 rounds PRECISION RIFLE, including: HK417, Remington 700AI, .50 cal Rifle.

    Includes food+beverages, equipment, gun rental and range fees.

    Combined Pistol/Carbine – Level I

    2022-10-11 08:00:00
    • 500 rounds with premium AR15  (all suppressed, Trijicon red dots);
    • 500 rounds with Glock pistol 9mm.


    Includes food+beverages, equipment, gun rental and range fees.

    Gun Collection Tour / Suppressors and NVGs Clinic

    2022-10-10 14:00:00
    • Experience with state of the art night vision goggles and military grade laser devices;
    • Suppressors clinic;
    • 20 rounds with APC 9SD;
    • 20 rounds with SIG SAUER Rattler .300BLK.

    Includes food+beverages, equipment, gun rental and range fees.