Specialized Services

Beyond our well-established firearms training programs, .38 America has a network of professionals, partners and SMEs that develop unique, on-demand solutions for our clients. Whether it is a tailor-made private training request, or a specific testing protocol for the industry, or a last minute PSD job in South America, we are ready for the task.


Private Training

At .38, we understand that people’s availability may not match our training schedule. Therefore, we have developed a flexible, modular training curriculum for those with specific demands. From one-on-one or small group accelerated lessons (hands-on/no nonsense training) to  special events such as executive retreats, hunting and shooting experiences and corporate team building, we will strive to cater to our client’s every need. 



For decades, through the work and expertise of our cadre and partners, .38 America has provided specific consulting services to the firearms, ammunition and equipment industry. We have worked closely with manufacturers, importers, exporters, retailers as well as with law enforcement, military units and legal specialists. Our services can range from a straight-forward product review, to an in-depth curriculum development, or even a subject matter expert analysis and report.  

Security Services

.38 America is a licensed security services provider, specializing in personal security detail, private investigation, intelligence gathering, threat assessment and risk mitigation. From planning to execution, we have serviced a wide array of clients, such as high net-worth individuals and families, businesses, the motion film industry and major events.

Texas DPS License Number: C25176701

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