Training Curriculum

    Firearms Instructor Certification Course

    Firearms Instructor

    The Firearms Instructor Certification is the first course of .38’s “Firearms Instructor Development School”, a program that focuses on certifying, specializing and developing Firearms Instructors to the highest standards of performance, knowledge, and teaching capabilities.

    Upon the successful completion of this course, the new Instructor will be able to teach, under supervision, basic manipulations and concepts as well as correct fundamental mistakes in a course environment both in the range and classroom.

    Prerequisites: Completion of Advanced Pistol I

    • 1500 Rounds
    • 100 Hours

    Lead Firearms Instructor Certification Course

    Firearms Instructor

    In the Lead Firearms Instructor Certification course the Instructor will develop and be tested on several new skills on topics such as: modern adult teaching techniques, multiple weapon platforms (revolvers, shotguns, carbines, pistols, precision rifles, submachine guns and machine guns), state-of-the-art equipment such as NVGs and Thermal Optics as well as being exposed to and setting up advanced scenario drills.
    Prerequisites: Firearms Instructor Certification

    • 1500 Rounds
    • 50 Hours