Lead Firearms Instructor Certification Course


In the Lead Firearms Instructor Certification course the Instructor will develop and be tested on several new skills on topics such as: modern adult teaching techniques, multiple weapon platforms (revolvers, shotguns, carbines, pistols, precision rifles, submachine guns and machine guns), state-of-the-art equipment such as NVGs and Thermal Optics as well as being exposed to and setting up advanced scenario drills.
Prerequisites: Firearms Instructor Certification


  • Revision: Shooting Fundamentals: Handguns; Carbines; Rifles; Submachineguns; Machineguns.
  • Force on Foce / Scenarios;
  • Concealed Carry Clinic;
  • Low Light Clinic;
  • Precision Rifle Clinic;
  • Machineguns Clinic;
  • Suppressors Clinic;
  • AR Platform Accessories Clinic;
  • Legal / Public Safety Clinic;
  • Shooting on the Move;
  • Shooting from Cover;
  • Communication;
  • How to identify, praise and correct properly a student from all different technical levels;
  • Modern Adult Teaching Techniques;
  • Theory and Practice Tests.


50 Hours


$ --