Firearms Instructor Certification Course


The Firearms Instructor Certification is the first course of .38’s “Firearms Instructor Development School”, a program that focuses on certifying, specializing and developing Firearms Instructors to the highest standards of performance, knowledge, and teaching capabilities.

Upon the successful completion of this course, the new Instructor will be able to teach, under supervision, basic manipulations and concepts as well as correct fundamental mistakes in a course environment both in the range and classroom.

Prerequisites: Completion of Advanced Pistol I


  • Firearms History;
  • Gun Legislation;
  • Safety;
  • Introduction to Teaching / Instructor’s Conduct / Instructor’s Doctrine;
  • Firearms, Accessories and Equipments;
  • Attention to Details;
  • Ballistics;
  • Ammunition Reloading;
  • Shooting Fundamentals;
  • Solving Malfunctions;
  • Shooting on the Move;
  • Single Hand Manipulations;
  • Combatives / Weapons Retentions;
  • Low Light Fundamentals;
  • CQB Fundamentals;
  • Combat Trauma / TCCC;
  • Sports Shooting / Practical Shooting;
  • Weapons Maintenance.


100 Hours


$ --